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Higher Profit Margin Than Gold.

Calcite production yields over 300% profit, which is a much higher profit margin than that of gold and other precious metals. More Info >

$80M Projected Yearly Revenue

The Calcite project is expected to generate $80,000,000 in yearly revenue.

Over $18 Million Sold

Calcite already has clients for over $18M in sales.

Growing high demand

The demand for pure natural calcium carbonate is growing rapidly around the world.

What is Calcite?

Calcite or Calcium carbonate is a white, non-toxic and odorless chemical compound naturally found in the earth’s crust. Moreover, it is a common constituent of chalk, limestone, and marble. Calcite is extracted by mining or quarrying for use in industrial processes. It is available in type namely precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) and ground calcium carbonate (GCC).

PCC has a very fine and controlled particle size whereas GCC has a powdery-like texture having various grade sizes. Due to the high brightness and light scattering properties, calcium carbonate is extensively used in paper and pulp industries as a filler for white paper. It is also used as a coating pigment in the paints and coatings industries.

Calcite derived from high-purity limestone or marble is used as a food additive (designated E170) and also in multiple medical applications. Our quarry is officially assessed to contain 98,90% of the purest CaCO3 (Calcium Carbonate) and 0,46% CaMg(CO3)2, which means 99,72 % total carbonates. This high-purity material will be used exclusively for the international medical and food industry. We already have an official letter of intent for approximately $18MM per annum in purchases from an industry-leading company in Europe. Marble is also used as a food additive (designated E170) and also in multiple medical applications.

Mineral composition of the stone
Calcite, CaCO3 98.89%
Dolomit, CaMg (Co3) 0.46%
Alkali Metals 0.04%

Source: Official report for determining the quality of stone, prepared by the company Eurofins Institute Dr. Appelt Südwest GmbH, Friedrichdorf, Germany, 03/2016.

The Bottom Line

Our unique selling point is that we have the utmost purest calcite on the market. This high-quality calcite alone will put us among the world-leading suppliers of this kind of pure product. Worldwide there are only a few companies that supply such pure quality but the quantities are very low and unstable making our product and the abundance thereof worth far more. Developing markets such as ASIA/India/Africa are consuming more and more resources making the gap between supply and demand grow larger year by year. This global demand will be reflected in our price. will be one of the few suppliers to all industries worldwide. Even the competition will be buying from us.

Value Appreciation

300%+ Gain in Value

Calcite gains incredible value as it is extracted out of the quarry and processed for food and medical industries

Calcite mining is more profitable than gold nearly 10x higher profits

Resource Mining Cost Sale Price Profit
Silver $11.66/oz $24.96/oz
Gold $1000/oz $1955/oz
Calcite $0.013/oz $0.056/oz
300% +

Source 1, Source 2

Market Overview

Calcite Market Size And Forecast

The Global Calcium Carbonate Market is growing at a rapid pace with substantial growth rates over the last few years. It is estimated that the market will grow significantly to a valuation of approximately USD 41.36 billion by 2028.

Increasing demand for filler materials from various industries including medical, food, paper, paints & coatings, plastic, and construction is likely to boost the market growth. Additionally, calcium carbonate is also used for purification of iron, pH correction of pool water, filler material for latex gloves and as a disinfectant agent.

Overall, with the demand increasing from various end-user industries in the region, the market for calcium carbonate is projected to increase at a high rate during the forecast period.

Use Cases

Use Cases for Calcite

GCC and PCC use cases for Calcium Carbonate

Business Plan

Location and facilities

The location of the future factory is planned in the business zone Primorski Dolac, Dalmatia, which is located near the quarry, at a distance of 18km. The construction of production facilities is planned on land of up to 50,000 m2. The business zone has all the necessary utility infrastructure including natural gas and utility scale electric, thereby avoiding large infrastructure costs and sits near a highway. The site is supplied with the main electricity supplier and it will be possible to build its own substations on site.

It is planned to build two production halls, each with an area of 2,000 m2. Warehouses for finished products, a warehouse for raw materials, as well as a business building that will house offices, a laboratory and all other administrative facilities will also be built. As part of the business scope, a restaurant and cafeteria will be built, as well as other facilities for recreation and relaxation of employees.

Green Energy

Solutions For a Low Carbon World is an advocate for a cleaner tomorrow and will provide decarbonization solutions such as solar microgrids for primary power. With over 350 days of sunlight in Dalmacija/Split, the calcite plant will be perfectly positioned for sustainable solar energy. This clean energy will also provide a higher profit margin as energy costs will be held to a minimum. Water used within the plant will be recycled and cleaned internally to be reused indefinitely, thus providing a much smaller environmental footprint.


Road map

From the initial Fundraise and purchase of Quarry to becoming a company that generates approx. $80MM in yearly revenue

Q4 2021

Calcite was formed as a Hong Kong Limited corporation using DLA Piper Hong Kong. Calcite embraces blockchain technology and employed a tokenization of founders shares. In addition to the high value and demand for calcium carbonate, Calcite is poised to take advantage of the efficiency built into blockchain and any future tokenizations.

Q2-Q4 2022

Purchase of Quarry, begin development of production site. Large-scale marketing campaign to attract new customers and interest for the calcite product. Finalization of contracts for over $18M in LOIs

Q1-Q2 2023

Completion of production line, logistics and distribution of over $18M worth of calcium carbonate across the globe.


Supported by Industry Leaders

Calcite is supported by leading companies in the legal and financial industry

Quarry Development



Legal advisory

Tokenization Platform


DLA Piper

A multinational law firm

DLA Piper is a multinational law firm with offices in more than 40 countries throughout the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. DLA Piper has conducted a successful feasibility study for and is assisting in tokenomics and legal advice. Go to DLA Piper Fintech


Leading PR and Marketing in DeFi

Defiboost is the leading PR- and Marketing agency in the Decentralized Finance sector. They have assisted startups such as Trustswap, Unimex, Hex, Glitch Protocol and many others to become very successful companies in the fintech space. Defiboost will assist with PR and Marketing. Go to

Goring d.o.o

Years of Experience in Natural Resources

The company GORING doo was founded in 1995 and specializes in shipbuilding and the production of decorative exterior parts and the construction and sale of real estate. Goring already owns a limestone quarry in Croatia and is partnering with to help acquire the second quarry after the initial seed raise.

Our Team

Seasoned Industry Veterans

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Goran Vukasović
Founding Partner

Goran began his career at the shipyard in Split, Croatia where he spent almost 20 years until 2009. During that time he held the following positions:

new construction manager, technical director of special vessels, director of shipyard production, research and development project director, investment project director, shipyard director and finally President of the board. The company employed 3,500 people, with an annual revenue of € 270,000,000. After that, in private business, through the company Goring and some other project companies, he developed the business of investing in the real estate sector, where he has realized several projects so far. Goring company is also partly engaged in shipbuilding and the production of landscaping equipment, as well as stone products that are exported to EU countries, and is operating successfully. Private: Married father of three adult children.

Damir Babić
Founding Partner

Damir Babić is the founder and Managing Director of Maks Products d.o.o. in Makarska, Croatia. Damir has 15+ years experience in development and design of

garden landscaping products, worldwide sales and exports of building products, international export of goods, inventory monitoring, leadership, customer care and acquisition, exhibition planning and marketing.

Alex Evans
Founding Partner

Alex Evans has been in the cryptocurrency industry since 2016. Besides his roles as a software developer, serial entrepreneur and digital marketing specialist,

Alex migrated to full-time crypto as he realized the value of hard money against the backdrop of the ever-diminishing value of the US dollar. Alex began large-scale mining of Bitcoin in 2017 and has acted as an advisor to various Fintech Companies such as Indovest,, and Nova Capital. Additionally, In his free time, Alex dabbles with various Python-based algorithms for the crypto and other fintech sectors.

Eric Smithers
Legal Executive

Eric is a licensed New York State attorney and corporate executive with over 25 years of business development, building alliances, finance, operations and compliance. Eric regularly consults on deal structuring and corporate matters,

Ecybersecurity and blockchain related projects and is a Certified Cryptocurrency Auditor (CCA).

Gerhard Pirkner

Gerhard is a pharma veteran with decades of experience in the European medical industry. He has worked for St. George's Pharmacy Kirchberg as a

Production manager of sterile, solid, semi-solid and liquid medicinal preparations, was an army pharmacist with the Austrian Armed Forces and also head of the Pharmacy "Zum Guten Hirten" in Frankenburg, Germany. Gerhard is a Dangerous Goods Officer, a Narcotics Officer and an Environmental Officer.

Harald Freidel

Harald Freidel is the founder and owner of Rohstoff Trading (est. 1994) which is a coveted partner in the calcium carbonate industry due to its longevity,

relationships, and experience on the market. Harald has close ties in the food industry and pharmaceutical industry, two target industries that have the claim to a very high level of quality, which is ultimately also reflected in the sales price. Before Rohstoff Trading Harald worked in the chemical trade as a sales representative for 12 1⁄2 years and was also responsible for acquiring/accepting new suppliers and marketing their products. Harald knows the complex structure of the market as well as the necessary documentation and auditing processes for the endeavor of


Frequently Asked Questions

This section will update as we get new questions in

What information can you provide about your team members?

The team of Calcite consists of experienced businessmen in the natural resource field. You can visit the team’s company websites Maks Products and Goring d.o.o as well as ProPharma and defiboost. Upon request (please email us) you can view two different feasibility studies conducted by DLA Piper and Cunsultatio Primo. Our team is transparent, Goran going as far as saying whoever feels like visiting the quarry is welcome!

How do I know that the project will succeed?

The quarry is currently operational and generating profit, and we have an existing buyer for high purity Calcium Carbonate, thus minimizing risk. Croatia is a member of the European Union and the quarry holds an official mining concession until 2053.

I don’t know much about mining. Why is your mine so special compared to other mines?

The high volume of high purity calcium carbonate in our quarry is extremely rare while demand is much greater than the supply available, leading to a consistent increase in market price every year and offering returns comparable or better than any other commodity investment.

What is the use case for calcium carbonate? Why is it better than other calcite on the market?

Yes the industrial side of calcium is not the most exciting but that is where we greatly differ. The calcium carbonate derived from our quarry has been tested and proven to be among the purest within the industry, thus lending itself to being applied within the medical and food industries for every day items such as filler for tablets, toothpaste, children's milk, dietary supplements, etc. making it extremely valuable.

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